How to set list experience in SharePoint Online using PowerShell

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In this blog, we shall check how to set the experience type set for document libraries/lists in site collection using PowerShell. This script requires SharePoint Online PnP module, install it from here.

``` {.black .top-margin .bottom-margin} function Get-ListExperience { Param( [System.Management.Automation.PSCredential]$cred, [String]$Sitecollection
) Connect-PnPOnline -Url $Sitecollection -Credentials $cred $Alldoc = @() $Lists=Get-PnPList |Where-Object {$.BaseTemplate -eq ‘101’ -and $.Title -ne ‘Form Templates’ -and $.Title -ne ‘Site Assets’ -and $.Title -ne ‘Style Library’} foreach($List in $Lists) { $DocList = “” | Select “Title”,”Url”,”ListExperienceOptions” $DocList.Title =$List.Title $DocList.Url =($List.DefaultViewUrl -split “/Forms/AllItems.aspx”)[0] $DocList.ListExperienceOptions =$List.ListExperienceOptions $Alldoc+= $DocList $DocList =$null

$subwebs=Get-PnPSubWebs -Recurse
foreach($subweb in $subwebs)
    Connect-PnPOnline -Url $subweb.Url -Credentials $cred        
    $Lists= Get-PnPList |Where-Object {$_.BaseTemplate -eq '101' -and $_.Title -ne 'Form Templates' -and $_.Title -ne 'Site Assets' -and $_.Title -ne 'Style Library'} 
    foreach($List in $Lists)
        $DocList = "" | Select "Title","Url","ListExperienceOptions"
        $DocList.Title =$List.Title
        $DocList.Url =($List.DefaultViewUrl -split "/Forms/AllItems.aspx")[0]
        $DocList.ListExperienceOptions =$List.ListExperienceOptions
$Alldoc } $Sitecollection = Read-Host -prompt "Enter the Site Collection URL: " $cred=Get-Credential  Get-ListExperience -cred $cred -Sitecollection $Sitecollection