New features in Azure Information Protection Public Preview

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Microsoft releases 3rd refresh of Azure Information Protection (Azure IP) public preview last week. In the latest version, following new features are added.

The latest version ( can be downloaded from the below URL

In this blog, we shall explore these new features. With this refresh, you can find the two new templates in the Azure IP portal.

New label action: “Do not forward”

This new label action helps to protect the emails with confidential information leakage through the recipients. The recipients can’t forward, copy, or print the email. This action applies for emails only.

Below is the screen-shot of the email with “Do not forward” label action applied.

The forward action disabled for the email recipient in Outlook client.

Forward action disabled in the OWA for the email recipient.

New label action - “Remove protection”

The main business scenario for this action is that the secret documents to be labeled without encryption, so that the collaboration can be done over the SharePoint Online or share to the users who can’t use RMS, but at the same time the right level of label is applied. This action is useful in scenarios where just the labeling alone is required without encryption.

When this label is applied any previously applied protection will be removed by Azure IP and if justification is enabled, then the user is prompted to enter the reason.

Below is the screen-shot of the document with “Remove protection” label action applied which is opened in Office Online, whereas the encrypted document can’t be opened in Office Online.