Microsoft Teams Tasks App.

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Task in Microsoft 365 ecosystem is a complex one with multiple apps like Microsoft To Do, Outlook Tasks, Planner etc and multiple places to manage. To address this, finally Microsoft comes with Tasks App in Microsoft Teams. Tasks App bring your tasks together from To Do, Outlook and Planner. Wherever your tasks is assigned, it can be accessed and managed end users from Tasks App. Tasks App will replace Planner App in Microsoft Teams. For smooth transition to Tasks app, current name of Planner App is renames same and later name will change to Tasks.

In this blog, we shall explore the features of new Microsoft Teams Tasks App. As of today, Tasks App features tasks from

My tasks To Do

This features similar to Microsoft To Do with


In this section, we can view and edit all To Do tasks (including Outlook task).


The To Do/ Planner task with priority as important are showing here. Similarly, when you create the task from here, it will automatically set the priority as important.


This section lists all the To Do and Planner tasks assigned to you with a due date.

Assigned to me

Lists all the Planner tasks assigned to you.

Task list

The task list is generally used for grouping the To Do tasks in one place and we can create a new task list from here. But deleting the task list can’t be done here, you have go to To Do.

Create Task list

Feature comparison

Comparing Microsoft To Do with Tasks App some features not available, but it has some important features like List view, bulk edit.

Feature Tasks (My tasks To Do) To Do
List view with column Yes No
Bulk edit (edit multiple task with single option) Yes No
Create Task Yes No
Create Task list Yes No
Share task lists No Yes
delete task lists No Yes
My Day list No Yes
Flagged Email list No Yes
Attach file to task No Yes
Repeat task No Yes

List view with column

Microsoft To Do also has a list view but it has only one column. Tasks App have a list view with the column as shown in like below image.

Bulk edit To do Task

Using this feature, we can bulk edit To do the tasks with following properties the Progress, Priority and Due Date.

Shared plans

This section features the Planner plans connected with your Teams team. But does not features the plans which are not connected with team. The familar Planner features like board, chart, schedule view are available here, apart from that has List view. In list view, we can bulk edit tasks in single click.

Bulk edit Planner task

Using this feature, we can bulk edit Planner tasks with the following properties

Create Plan

Feature comparison

Feature Tasks Planner
List View Yes No
Bulk edit Yes No
Create Plan Yes Yes
Delete Plan No Yes
Rename Plan No Yes
Export plan to Excel No Yes