How to create SharePoint Online Hub Site

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Microsoft recently announced Sharepoint Hub Site has been rolled out to Target Release Office 365 Tenants. SharePoint Hub Site is the alternative solution to SharePoint Subsite. In this blog we are going to explain about creating SharePoint hub site and to join the associated site into hub site.

How to create SharePoint hub site

Currently you can create hub site through PowerShell alone. You can convert existing communication site or team modern site to hub site. Microsoft recommends selecting an existing communication site.

Before starting, download and install SharePoint Online Management Shell from here . Then execute the script in PowerShell by connecting to SharePoint Online as SharePoint administrator or above to create SharePoint hub site.

Register-SPOHubSite -Site

-Site: Existing team site or communication site URL

After creating new hub site, Add link option will be enabled in the left corner of site, using this option you can create new link for existing sites (associated site).

How to join existing site to SharePoint hub site

Please follow the numerical points as shown in the below screenshot to join existing site to SharePoint hub site from Site Information Settings.

You can join the existing site to hub site using SharePoint PowerShell.

Add-SPOHubSiteAssociation -Site -HubSite Https://

-Site:Team Site or Communication Site URL to join into a hub site -HubSite:Existing hub site URL

Once a site joins to a hub site, hub site theme will be applied into joined site and hub site link option will be enabled in the left corner of site, so that you can navigate to hub site.

How to revert the SharePoint hub site to normal site {.h4 .bold}

You can revert hub site to team site or communication site using SharePoint PowerShell command.

Unregister-SPOHubSite –Identity

-Identity:Site URL of a hub site

Please refer the below links for more details about SharePoint Online hub site.