Featured People - New People view in Outlook Web App

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In Office 365, People portal seems to be relatively less visited when compared to other portals, this does not mean that People portal is not useful, but other portals are more attractive in functionalities. Therefore, to pump up the People portal, Microsoft has introduced a new feature - Featured people, which is a simple yet effective categorization for users to kick-start communication with their contacts in no time. Moreover, it is designed with rich Delve functionalities for displaying user information within People portal.

In this blog we will check out the user interface for the following categories of Featured people,

When Featured people menu is selected, it displays summary list of people in each category

​1. Frequently contacted

In the Frequently contacted section, you can view the users to whom you often communicate. This option helps you to quickly find your active contacts and send messages to them instantly.

​2. On your calendar

In the On your calendar section, you can view the people in your current day’s calendar. This option helps you to find the people with whom you have scheduled meetings for a given day and help you plan your tasks.

​3. Favorites

In the Favorites section, you can view the people, whom you have added to your favorites list and you can send them messages instantly.

Moreover, using Edit Favorites option you can customize your list of people in Favorites section.

​4. For Follow-up

In the For follow-up section, you can view the people, who have sent you messages and people with whom you have meetings on a given day. This feature helps you to quickly reply to your contacts and avoids missing of critical messages. It also helps you to keep up with your appointments.

5. Delve view for user information

When you select a user in any category in People portal, the user information will be displayed in rich Delve view within the People portal with abundant user information such as their organization hierarchy, co-workers list, groups to which they belong, emails, files, events etc.