Bookings apps for Teams

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Bookings apps for Teams

Using Bookings service in Office 365, external customers can schedule the appointments with the Office 365 user based on their calendar availability. Now with Bookings Teams App, staff members(schedulers) can schedule virtual appointments like healthcare service, schedule interview with the prospects etc. The schedulers can manage multiple department calendars, as well as communication with internal and external attendees from a single experience.

How to add bookings App in Teams

It is similar to all other application, we need to go Teams app store and search Bookings application and then click Add or Add to the team.

How to create bookings Calendar

After adding the Bookings App, we need to select any one of the below two options to create a bookings calendar for teams.

New bookings Calendar

When we select the New booking calendar option, it will show some basic business information like Business Name, Business type, send attendee responses to, Business phone number for creating a new booking calendar.

Existing booking calendar

In this option, we can select existing booking calendars in the organization.

Configuring the booking Calendar

After creating a new booking calendar for Microsoft Teams, we need to update default setting.
We can configure the booking calendar from More option  Settings, which has three options

Business details

In this option, we can update our existing business details like Business name, Send the response to, Phone number.

Appointment types

Using this option, we can create multiple appointment types. Each appointment types have Title, Confirmation message, Remainders. Example – Pre-Sales call, Support call etc. While creating appointment, you can set the multiple remainders separately for the attendees and your staffs with time ranging from 15 mins to 3 weeks.


Using this option, we can add the staff for the booking, and we can use only tenant users as staff. The staff has two types, that is

We can also add staff from the booking calendar home page.

Create new appointment for customer

We can easily create the booking appointment with the simple click as shown in the below image. Once we create the appointment, it will assign an appointment to specific staff and it will send the meeting information to the customer. You can change the booking calendar and appointment type using the drop-down.

Staff assigned for appointment

Booking Scheduler page classified with staff, when we add the appointment with specific staff, it will add appointment to specific staff in the booking calendar.

Customer notification mail

The customer will receive below similar email. Customers can join the meeting using Join Teams meeting link option. The meeting will not automatically add customer calendar, customer need to add the calendar using attached .ics file.

Open bookings web App

Using this option, we will navigate to the booking web page. using this web page option, we can modify more setting for booking calendar created from teams and we can also use this booking calendar as the normal booking web version.