Microsoft Migration Handbook

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With mergers and acquisitions being so common in the current world, we often land up in situations to port the organizational and employee information across different tenant or data centres.

Let’s see a checklist that comes in handy to make your migration more smoother & error free.

The Common Migration Checklist that can be followed for any Microsoft 365 workload would be

Take Inventory : You must begin with pulling an inventory with the help of audit or other third-party tools. Apps4.Pro aids in providing such detailed inventory of the supported Microsoft workloads. Please refer the table below.
Clean up your environment : Even before you start the migration, start cleaning the data which redundant, old unused data or inactive data.
Prepare a post-migration checklist that takes care of regaining the usage of the migrated information & the new tenant.

Source Analysis & Inventory Reports

A detailed Source Analysis is vital in planning the migration and to conclude the no. of licenses required. Apps4.Pro pitches here by providing a detailed analysis and follow-up reports in each of the supported workloads.

The list of reports and additional features that are supported by App4.Pro are :

Workload Reports Supported (Both Source & Target Data) Additional Features Supported in Apps4.Pro
Users Tenant-level
  • Group Users
  • Team Users
  • Private-channel Users
  • All Users
Groups Current User Group Details
Current User Plan Details
  • Group Details
  • Plan Details
  • Groups without Teams
  • Teams Associated Plans
Manage Members & Owners of a Group
SharePoint Tenant-level
  • Sites
  • Associated Sites
  • Subsites
  • Lists
  • Team Enabled Sites
Manage Site Users
Teams Current User Team Details
  • Team Details
  • Team Assignments
  • Teams & Channel One-Note Data
Manage Members & Owners of a Team
Copy Wiki to a destined Team
Stream User Videos
  • M365 Groups with Stream
  • Stream Channels
  • Stream Group Videos
  • Company-wide Channel Videos
Manage Members & Owners of a Stream / M365 Group
Manage Video Permission
Copy user videos to a Group
Viva Engage (Yammer) Networks
Network Users
Network Groups
Manage Members & Owners of a Group
Exchange Tenant-level
  • Group Mailboxes
  • User Mailboxes
  • Shared Mailboxes
  • Archive Mailboxes
Customize Target Domain
Bookings Bookings List in Source Tenant Manage Members & Owners of a Booking
Skip Old Calendar Events
Publish Migrated Bookings
  • User Forms in Source
  • Group Forms in Source
  • Orphaned User Forms in Source
Grant Secondary admin access
Recover orphaned forms < 30 days
Power Automate(Flows) Source & Target Flows
Source Environments
Source Connectors
Source Resources
Assign Target Creator for a Flow
Auto-mapping for Connectors, Environments & Supported Resources
Provision to map Unsupported Resources
General Migration Summary Report
Migration Summary Detailed Report
Migration VM-wise Summary Detailed Report
Scheduled Migration
Auto-mapping of Users & Groups