Manage Office 365 Video Channels and Upload Videos in Bulk

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Its eminent that the usage for the Office 365 Video increases among the enterprises and educational institutes. Educational institutes wants to create channels for each grades and maintain the class videos there. Enterprises wants to maintain the executive messages, training videos, HR policies etc.… in the channels.

Common management activities include:

We have already posted PowerShell scripts to perform some of the management activities

With GingerEx Office 365 Video Management tool, the above said tasks can be simplified. Let us explore it.

Bulk creation of channels with required permission

With bulk channel creation feature, you can create multiple channels with required permissions through csv.

Bulk upload videos to different channels

You can upload multiple videos into different channels using csv file. You can even re-try the failed upload videos.

Update channel permissions

Supported individual video operations

Set Channel Storage Quota

Other important features

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