Connect on premise data to PowerApps/Flow/PowerBI using 'On-premises data gateway' - PART2

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After deploying on-premises data gateway, now it’s time to connect on premise data to Office 365 applications. In this blog we will walk you through the steps involved in connecting on premise SharePoint 2016 and SQL 2016 to Office 365 using On-premises data gateway and accessing the on premise data via PowerApps.

Steps Involved,

Connecting SharePoint 2016 to Office 365

You can connect on premise applications to Office 365 by signing in as account used to deploy gateway to any one of the Office 365 applications like PowerApps or Microsoft Flow and add your required connections.

Note : Connection added in any one Office 365 application will be available for access to all other applications. For example, if you added on premise SQL connection by signing in to PowerApps, then you can also use that SQL connection for Microsoft Flow.

Here, I sign in to PowerApps and add connection for SharePoint 2016 as follows,

Connecting SQL 2016 to Office 365

Note:Using single on-premises data gateway you can create multiple connections to connect multiple on premise applications to Office 365 applications.

Accessing SharePoint List – Items via PowerApps

Accessing SQL Table - Records via PowerApps