Announcing general availability of Wunder365

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We are happy to announce the general availability of Wunder365 service today. Wunder365 is an easy-to-use tool to get your projects on the road. It’s as secure as Fort Knox and has all the features you asked for. Wunder365 is built on top of Office 365 components such as Outlook, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams, Power BI and Microsoft Flow. You can efficiently use all your Office 365 toolset to stay productive.

Use cards to organize your team around a task, discuss and assign it. You can add images, attach files and checklists.

Use Microsoft Teams to collaborate with your team members about the tasks

Don’t miss a deadline. Add checklists and due dates to your tasks, create recurrent tasks and see them all in a Gantt Chart.

Tired of having information all around the place? With Wunder365 you can easily turn an email into a task.

Log all changes happened in the board

Onboard from Microsoft Planner to Wunder365 in seconds

Ready to try Wunder365? We have made it simple for you. Just select the plan from Microsoft Planner you want to try with Wunder365 and we will create a copy of the plan in Wunder365. So it’s easy to continue using the board from where you have left in Planner.

Wunder365 is available for free 30 days trial (NO credit card required). Reach us today support AT jijitechnologies DOT com